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Practitioner information exchange

The Practitioner Information Exchange team (PIE) has been renamed to the Data Exchange team. As part of this process, we have a new email address - Please use this email address for all future correspondence. Any emails sent to will still be received by the Data Exchange team.

At a glance:

Healthcare organisations in Australia face a daily challenge to make sure their teams meet the standards set by health regulators and have to up to date registration. Employers need to know about the registration status of the people they employ. Progressive organisations want secure web-based systems that help them work efficiently and make their business agile. PIE can assist you with connecting human resources, clinical management, risk management, IT security and customer management systems into a secure and effective health practitioner registration data source.

Ahpra‘s practitioner information exchange (PIE) uses industry-standard web services to publish registered health practitioner data to data partners in formats that delivers maximum verification with minimum manipulation.

Benefits of being a data partner

  • Immediate access to Ahpra’s health practitioner data using standard browser and web service channels, improving timeliness and identity security. 
  • Improved risk compliance and traceability, lowering risk management costs. 
  • A simple integration method to assist in lowering your operating costs to verify and manage registered health practitioners. 
  • Auditable trail of records accessed and user activity. 
  • Practitioner data is in a rich XML format. 
  • Multiple user interface development options with the same price per practitioner record.

PIE helps you

  • Manage the professional registration status for a diverse workforce: Ensuring employees, consultants and associates are always working within their registration conditions, which may change as practitioners upgrade their capabilities, or have new restrictions imposed on them. 
  • Support agility in business: Ensuring all resources are co-ordinated and using common identity data across human resources, clinical management, IT and finance systems to prevent re-work, streamline systems and build new capabilities. 
  • Mitigate operational risk: Make sure up to date and accurate information about the registration status of health practitioners is available to the people who need it. Often, this is the people managing or working directly with health practitioners. This helps manage organisational risk and cuts costs. 
  • Compliance with Australian privacy regulations through managed processes and traceable records.

Solution overview and services offered

PIE offers the benefits of a health practitioner data source with a SSL-secure SOAP web interface to provide a simple interfacing capability in single record, batch, or alert modes. More information is available on the PIE solution overview and services offered page.

PIE licensing structure

The PIE Licensing Structure is based on service usage and data usage.

Becoming a data partner

  1. Discuss and review: To find out more please send an email to  
  2. Build and test: Sign data agreement and get access to Ahpra test facilities 
  3. Select PIE services: Estimate annual data volumes and services required 
  4. Commence data partnership: Convert from test environment and commence PIE service

More information

Supporting documents

For more information, or to obtain copies of any of the above documents, please send an email to

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