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Registration Data

The public national register of practitioners means that it is possible to produce accurate reports on the number of practitioners in each profession in Australia.

The National Registration and Accreditation Scheme requires that information about every registered health practitioner in Australia is published on this single national register.

In 2012 the Medical Board began publishing quarterly data profiling on Australia’s medical workforce, including a number of statistical breakdowns about registrants:

Document name PDF Accessible format Document date
Registration Data Table - December 2016  PDF (311 KB) Word version (534 KB,DOC) 20 February 2017 
Registration Data Table - September 2016 PDF (305 KB)  Word version (611 KB,DOC) 30 November 2016 
Registration Data Table - June 2016 PDF (313 KB)  Word version (688 KB,DOC)  7 October 2016 
Registration Data Table - March 2016 PDF (345 KB) Word version (194 KB,DOCX)  10 June 2016 
Registration Data Table - December 2015  PDF (477 KB)  Word version (626 KB,DOCX)  6 April 2016 
Registration Data Table - September 2015 PDF (467 KB) Word version (161 KB,DOCX) 25 November  2015
Registration Data Table - June 2015 PDF (468KB) Word version (160 KB,DOCX) 5 October 2015
Registration Data Table - March 2015  PDF (465KB) Word version (159 KB,DOCX) 20 May 2015 
Registration Data Table - December 2014 PDF (565KB) Word version (158KB,DOCX) 4 March 2015
Registration Data Table - September 2014 PDF (1.01MB) Word version (401KB,DOCX) 2 December 2014
Registration Data Table - June 2014 PDF (710KB) Word version (153KB,DOCX) 31 July 2014
Registration Data Table - March 2014 PDF (697KB) Word version (154KB,DOCX) 2 May 2014
Registration Data Table - December 2013 PDF (708KB) Word version (148KB,DOCX) 31 January 2014
Registration Data Table - October 2013 PDF (882KB)  Word version (155KB,DOCX) 24 December 2014
Registration Data Table - June 2013 PDF(396KB) Word version (436KB,DOCX) 16 September 2013
Registration Data Table - March 2013 PDF (1.43MB) Word version (758KB,DOC) 24 April 2013
Registration Data Table - December 2012 PDF (227KB) Word version (640KB) 15 January 2013
Registration Data Table - September 2012 PDF (281KB)   15 October 2012
Registration Data Table - June 2012 PDF (247KB)   8 August 2012
Registration Data Table - March 2012 PDF (249KB)   3 May 2012

Specialist medical colleges’ specialist pathway data

The specialist pathway is for international medical graduates (IMGs) who are overseas-trained specialists seeking specialist registration in Australia (specialist recognition) or who are applying for an area of need specialist level position in Australia. Information about the specialist pathway is available on the Registration page.

Commencing 1 July 2014, specialist medical colleges report their specialist pathway activity directly to the Medical Board of Australia (the Board).

Reporting is annual by calendar year. The Board is publishing the data commencing from the first full calendar year of reporting (1 January – 31 December 2015)

Document name PDF Accessible format Document date
Report on Specialist medical colleges specialist pathway data 1 January 2015 - 31 December 2015


Word version 
(247 KB,DOCX)
7 October 2016 
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