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Evidence and supporting documents

The Board appointed an Expert Advisory Group to provide it with expert advice about approaches to support medical practitioners to maintain and enhance their professional skills and knowledge and remain fit to practise medicine. The Professional Performance Framework is the Board’s response to the EAG final report.

The EAG’s recommendations were designed to improve public safety. They recommended an integrated approach that would help improve public safety and better identify and manage risk in the Australian healthcare setting by:

  • maintaining and enhancing the performance of all doctors practising in Australia through efficient, effective, contemporary, evidence-based CPD relevant to their scope of practice, and
  • proactively identifying doctors who are either performing poorly or are at risk of performing poorly, assessing their performance and if necessary, supporting their remediation. The EAG identified that age, professional isolation and multiple complaints are all risk factors for poor performance.

The EAG report includes detailed evidence that supports the recommended approach.

Details of the approach and supporting evidence

Document name PDF Accessible format
Building a Professional Performance Framework  PDF 
Word version 
(140KB, DOCX)
Pillars of the Professional Performance Framework  PDF
Word version 
(106KB, DOCX)
Final Report of the Expert Advisory Group on revalidation  PDF
Word version 
(140KB, DOCX)

Media statement: New Professional Performance Framework for patient safety

 Web page 

Workshop on implementing the Professional Performance Framework  PDF (115KB) Word version
(77.3 KB,DOCX) 

Full interim report of the expert advisory group on revalidation

 PDF (1.57MB)

 Word version

Executive summary of the interim report

 PDF (203KB)

 Word version

Discussion paper about the proposed approach for revalidation

 PDF (227KB)

 Word version

Media statement: Medical Board consults on revalidation in Australia 16 August 2017

 PDF (256KB)

 Web page

Expert Advisory Group on revalidation terms of reference

 PDF (219KB)

 Word version

Consultative Committee on revalidation terms of reference

 PDF (215KB)

 Word version

Medical Practitioners' ongoing fitness and competence to practise: A report of social research into community and doctors’ views about trust, confidence and fitness to practise in the medical profession

 PDF (1.47MB)

 Word version

International research from the Collaboration for the Advancement of Medical Education Research and Assessment (CAMERA) The evidence and options for medical revalidation in the Australian context, published 2015

 PDF (1.65MB)

 Word version

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