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Specialist pathway - specialist recognition

The Specialist pathway - specialist recognition is for international medical graduates (IMGs) who are overseas-trained specialists applying for assessment of comparability to the standard of a specialist trained in that specialty in Australia.

Under the Specialist Pathway - specialist recognition:

  • The IMG must apply to the Australian Medical Council (AMC) for primary source verification of their medical qualifications. 
  • The IMG should apply directly to the relevant specialist medical college using the college application form.
  • The college assesses comparability against the criteria for an Australian-trained specialist in the same field of speciality practice.

The college will assess the IMG as:

  • not comparable, or 
  • substantially comparable, or 
  • partially comparable

Following assessment, the IMG will be required to undertake a period of supervised practice, which may involve the completion of workplace based assessment(s) or further training, which may involve college assessment, including examinations. 

After the IMG has completed all the college requirements, the college can recommend that the IMG be granted recognition as a specialist.

Specialist pathway - specialist recognition:

Specialist pathway (specialist recognition)

Apply to the AMC for primary source verification

Apply to the relevant specialist college for assessment


Assessed by college as partially or substantially comparable

Secure an employment offer

Apply to the MBA for limited or provisional registration

Complete college requirements

Awarded college fellowship or advised by college as eligible for fellowship

Apply to the MBA for specialist registration

Assessed by college as not comparable

Must meet requirements for standard pathway or competent authority pathway


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Page reviewed 28/08/2023