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Public interest

Limited registration in public interest

Limited registration in the public interest applies in circumstances in which the Medical Board of Australia deems there is a 'public interest' in registering a medical practitioner. It is intended to be short-term, with a limited scope of practice. 

Examples of when it might be in the public interest to register a medical practitioner who is not eligible for general or specialist registration might include during natural disasters or pandemics.

All medical practitioners with limited registration in the public interest have to work under supervision. They are also required to:

  • perform satisfactorily in the position
  • authorise and facilitate the provision of regular reports from their supervisors about their safety and competence to practise.

Applicants who are granted more than four weeks registration must also comply with a professional development plan.

This is not a suitable type of registration for medical practitioners who are working towards meeting the requirements for general or specialist registration. It is not an alternative to limited registration for area of need.

New applicants who are eligible for the competent authority pathway or who already hold the AMC Certificate apply for provisional registration (they are not eligible to apply for limited registration).

For more information see the registration standard for limited registration in public interest.


Page reviewed 31/01/2018