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Australian and New Zealand medical graduates who have completed a medical internship in another country

Australian or New Zealand medical graduates who have completed a medical internship in another country are required to complete a period of supervised practise in Australia to become eligible for general registration.

How to apply for provisional registration

Application forms for provisional registration are accessible on the forms page.

Requirements for provisional registration

Mandatory registration standards

You must meet the requirements of the registration standards for:

  • English language skills
  • recency of practice
  • professional indemnity insurance
Proof of identity Provide evidence of proof of identity in accordance with the Board's and AHPRA’s proof of identity policy as revised from time to time
Medical qualifications Provide evidence of having been awarded a primary degree in medicine and surgery, after completing an approved program of study from an Australian or New Zealand medical school accredited by the Australian Medical Council
Medical internship or comparable Provide evidence of successful completion of a medical internship or comparable completed outside of Australia or New Zealand.
Registration History Provide details of registration history outside of Australia. If you previously had, or currently have registration as a health practitioner in a country outside of Australia, you are also required to arrange certificates of good standing/ registration status (or equivalent type of certificate) from each registration authority that you have been registered with in the past 10 years. The certificates should be supplied directly to the Board from the relevant registration authority, unless the relevant authority confirms it is not able to issue a certificate directly to the Board.
Curriculum vitae Provide a curriculum vitae that meets the standard format that has been approved by the Board.
Criminal history check Complete a criminal history check in accordance with guidance issued from time to time by the Board or AHPRA
Employment details and supervised practice plan Provide the following information from your proposed employer:
  1. written confirmation of your offer of employment
  2. employer contact details
  3. position description including key selection criteria addressing clinical responsibilities, the qualifications and experience required to meet the requirements of the position, and the employment mode (e.g. full-time, part-time or hours per week)
  4. name, qualifications and contact details of the proposed principal supervisor and any co-supervisors
  5. a supervised practice plan. The supervision plan includes details about your supervisor/s, describes how supervision will be provided to ensure safe practice, and includes details of continuing professional development (CPD) activities in accordance with the Board’s CPD registration standard (The CPD required is the same as IMGs with provisional registration who are not in an accredited intern position.) It will also include written confirmation from the proposed principal supervisor that they agree to provide supervision and to comply with the supervision obligations as required by the Board.
Fees Pay the required fee(s).

Documents supporting your application

If you have previously been, or are currently registered in a health profession in Australia under the National Scheme and have therefore provided information to a Board previously, some of the documentation requirements for registration may be waived. In most cases, the application forms indicate whether a requirement or document is waived.

All documents submitted to support an application for registration must comply with the requirements for certifying and translating documents.

You may be required to submit additional information in support of your application to help the Board determine whether you are suitable for provisional registration.

Responsibilities of provisional registration

During your provisional registration period, you must:

  1. work under supervision and in the position for which registration was granted
  2. comply with the Board’s registration standards for continuing professional development, professional indemnity insurance and recency of practice.
  3. comply with the supervision plan approved by the Board
  4. ensure your principal supervisor provides a work performance report and orientation report three months after initial registration. Please use the work performance report (WRIG-30) and orientation report (ORIG-30) templates for international medical graduates available on the forms page, and
  5. perform satisfactorily in the position for which you were registered to practice.

If you do not maintain your employment in the position for which provisional registration was granted, you are unable to comply with the requirements on your practice and therefore cannot practise medicine until the Board grants approval for a new position.

Renewal of provisional registration

If you require another period of registration to complete your supervised practise, you can apply to renew your provisional registration. To renew your registration, you must:

  1. complete a renewal of registration application that includes the annual renewal statement in accordance with the provisions in the National Law, section 109
  2. demonstrate compliance with any conditions, undertakings or requirements on your registration set by the Board
  3. submit a work performance report. Please use the work performance report (WRIG-30) and orientation report (ORIG-30) templates for international medical graduates available on the forms page, and
  4. demonstrate that you have performed satisfactorily in the preceding registration period. This is usually demonstrated through the submission of work performance reports.

Applying for a change in circumstances

If you want to change the circumstances under which registration was granted, you must apply to the Board in writing for approval of any proposed changes. For example, if you want to work in a new position, change or add work sites to your existing position, or change supervisors and/or supervision levels.

If you want to change positions or supervisors you will need to submit a new supervised practice plan for the Board’s consideration. You may be required to provide supporting information to the Board for its consideration of your request to change your circumstances.


Page reviewed 27/08/2018