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Information for CPD homes

Criteria for accrediting CPD homes

The accreditation criteria provide a standard set of requirements for the governance and management of CPD homes, requirements of CPD programs and reporting for all CPD homes. The criteria:

  • are flexible enough to accommodate differences in doctors’ scope of practice
  • allow practitioners to tailor their CPD to their learning needs
  • assure the community that their doctors are doing CPD that helps them provide high quality patient care.

Read the criteria for AMC accreditation of CPD homes (PDF, 1.09MB)

Applying to become a CPD home

Any interested organisation can apply to be accredited as a CPD home to provide CPD programs for doctors. The organisation may be an education provider, another organisation with a primary educational purpose or an organisation with a primary purpose other than education. All CPD homes will have the appropriate governance structures, expertise and resources to provide a CPD program/s that supports meaningful professional development.

The Australian Medical Council (AMC) accredits CPD homes on behalf of the Board.

Organisations interested in applying to become a CPD home should email the AMC for more information  - [email protected]

Including specialist high-level CPD requirements for each specialty in CPD programs

Any CPD home providing a program for registered specialists must ensure they include any specialty-specific high-level requirements. 

Specialist high-level requirements are expected to be able to be done within the specialist’s 50 hours of CPD and will fall into reviewing performance, measuring outcomes or education activities. For example, a basic or advanced life support course would be an educational activity. 

The specialist high-level requirements can be found here.

Page reviewed 27/11/2023