Australian and NZ medical graduates with overseas specialist qualifications

This information is for Australian and New Zealand medical graduates who have overseas medical qualifications who wish to return to Australia and apply for specialist registration.

If you have been awarded a primary medical qualification in Australia or New Zealand, and you have gained a specialist qualification overseas, you may seek specialist registration on return to Australia.

You cannot be registered as a specialist in Australia until you have been admitted as a Fellow of an Australian Medical Council (AMC) accredited specialist medical college, or until you have been advised by the college that you have passed all the requirements for an approved qualification.

International medical graduates are assessed under the Specialist pathway. The Specialist pathway is for medical practitioners who are not qualified for general or specialist registration. Therefore, as Australian and New Zealand medical graduates are qualified for general registration they are not eligible to apply for assessment under the Specialist pathway.

Information about the assessment process is available in the Board’s information sheet:

Information about assessment by a specialist medical college is available on the relevant college’s website.

Information about primary source verification is available from the Australian Medical Council website.

Page reviewed 1/10/2015