Postgraduate medical councils

The Australian Medical Council (the AMC) has developed a national standards framework for intern training to support the Medical Board of Australia’s approved registration standard for Granting general registration to Australian and New Zealand medical graduates after completion of the intern year (83 KB,PDF).

The Board’s approved registration standard sets out the supervised practice that interns are required to complete for the purposes of general registration. From 2014, this supervised practice must be accredited against approved accreditation standards for intern training programs by an authority approved by the Board.

Approval of intern training accreditation authorities

The AMC reviews and accredits authorities that accredit intern training programs in each state and territory on the Board's behalf. These authorities are commonly known as postgraduate medical councils (PMCs).

The AMC provides an accreditation report to the Board after it decides whether to accredit each PMC. After being given an accreditation report, the Board decides whether to approve the PMC as an intern training accreditation authority.

The AMC has developed standards for assessing and accrediting PMCs which have been approved by the Board:

Accreditation standards for intern training programs

Postgraduate medical councils assess intern training programs against the following standards developed by the AMC and approved by the Board:

Approved postgraduate medical councils

The accreditation of PMCs is a new process implemented from 2014 as part of the national standards framework for intern training. As this is a new process, the AMC is progressively accrediting each of the PMCs.

The following PMCs are approved by the Board to accredit intern training programs in their respective state or territory.

Postgraduate medical council Approval status
South Australian Medical Education and Training Institute Approved until 31 December 2018
Canberra Region Medical Education Council Approved until 31 March 2018 
Postgraduate Medical Education Council of Tasmania Approved until 31 December 2018
Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria Approved until 31 March 2020 
Postgraduate Medical Council of Western Australia  Approved until 31 March 2020 
Health Leaders Australia trading as Queensland Prevocational Medical Accreditation  Approved until 31 March 2019 
Northern Territory Medical Education and Training Centre   Approved  until 31 March 2021 
Health Education and Training Institute (NSW) Initial accreditation granted and approval continues until AMC completes a formal review 
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