Medical Board of Australia
Medical Board of Australia

Current Consultations

The Board undertakes wide-ranging consultation on proposals that affect the profession.

Where there are consultations open for input, they will be shown below.

Consultation on registration standards, codes and guidelines

The National Law allows the Board to develop and recommend to the Ministerial Council, registration standards about relevant issues, such as:

  • the eligibility of individuals for medical registration
  • the suitability of individuals to competently and safely practice the medical profession

The National Law also allows the Board to develop and approve codes and guidelines, to provide guidance to the medical practitioners it registers and about other matters relevant to the exercise of the Board’s functions.

The National Law requires the Board to undertake wide-ranging consultation on proposed registration standards and codes and guidelines.

The Board has consulted on a number of registration standards, codes and guidelines. See Past Consultations for a summary of the consultation and submissions received.

The consultation documents are early drafts that were revised, taking into consideration the results of the consultation. Where a code or guideline has been finalised or a registration standard approved by Ministerial Council, the final documents can be found under Registration Standards or Codes, Guidelines and Policies.

Page reviewed 29/07/2016