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FAQ: Accredited facility

The Board has decided to defer the requirement that medical practitioners only perform cosmetic surgery in accredited facilities or in facilities that are registered with an ACSQHC approved accrediting agency and have started working towards accreditation.

The Board will have further discussions with the ACSQHC and will consider the matter carefully.

The Board has published a communication about the deferral. Further information will be published once the Board considers the matter.

Currently, a facility such as a hospital or day procedure service might be:

  • licensed
  • accredited
  • licensed and accredited
  • neither licensed nor accredited.

Some state and territory health departments require some or all cosmetic surgery to be performed in a licensed facility. The jurisdiction decides which facilities must be licensed, which surgery must be in a licensed facility and what is required to be licensed.

The ACSQHC is currently developing for service providers where cosmetic surgery is performed:

  • a national licensing framework
  • National Safety and Quality Cosmetic Surgery Standards (Cosmetic Surgery Standards).

The ACSQHC is due to submit the Cosmetic Surgery Standards and national licensing framework to health ministers for consideration later in 2023.

Further information about licensing and accreditation against the Cosmetic Surgery Standards will be provided.

Page reviewed 11/05/2023