FAQ for competent authority pathway

Competent authority pathway

The Board will now accept certain medical courses that are accredited by a competent authority, but which are conducted outside the competent authority country. The eligible courses are on the Board’s list on the Competent Authority pathway page.

To be eligible your course must be on the Board’s list of eligible offshore courses.

The Board’s list includes some courses that are completed in two countries (a competent authority country and another country). To be eligible your course must be on the Board’s list.

No – the experience component (Foundation year 1 or other prescribed internship/experience) must be completed in one of the five competent authority countries (UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, NZ).

If you have a qualification which is now on the eligible offshore courses list but have already passed the AMC MCQ and been granted limited registration and are now completing your 12 months supervised practice, you have two options. You can continue on the standard pathway or you can use your internship or equivalent in a competent authority country or your Australian clinical experience to meet the criteria for eligibility for the Competent Authority pathway. If you successfully complete the 12 months supervised practice in Australia you will be eligible for the Competent Authority pathway and can apply for general registration without completing the AMC Clinical examination.

Page reviewed 23/12/2019