Revised registration standard for AMC certificate holders takes effect on 15 February 2018

21 Nov 2017

The Medical Board of Australia has today published a revised registration standard for Granting general registration to medical practitioners who hold an Australian Medical Council certificate.  The revised standard comes into effect from 15 February 2018.

The revised standard applies to international medical graduates who hold an Australian Medical Council (the AMC) certificate and who have successfully completed the required supervised practice in Australia to become eligible for general registration.

The revised standard does not change the current requirements for general registration for AMC certificate holders. Applicants for general registration are expected to demonstrate that they are performing at least at the standard of an Australian intern at the end of intern training. The revised standard makes this clearer by requiring that AMC certificate holders demonstrate they have achieved the learning outcomes defined in the Australian Medical Council’s guidance Intern training – Intern outcome statements.

The revised standard has also been reformatted and reworded to improve readability.

The Australian Health Workforce Ministerial Council approved the revised standard on 1 September 2017. The standard was revised after a scheduled review, which included public consultation. Submissions to the public consultation are published on the past consultations page of the Board’s website.

Page reviewed 21/11/2017