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Change to the list of specialties

24 May 2018

The COAG Health Council has approved a revised list of medical specialties, fields of specialty practice and related titles to include the field of Paediatric emergency medicine in the specialty of Emergency medicine.

The field of Paediatric emergency medicine will continue to be included in the specialty of Paediatrics and child health. Both specialties will use the same title ‘Specialist paediatric emergency physician’.

This was a minor technical amendment to the list of specialties that reflects the current training arrangements for paediatric emergency medicine.

Emergency medicine specialists completing the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine program stream that includes the Joint Training Program in Paediatric Emergency Medicine can now apply for specialist registration in this field of specialty.

The revised list of specialties, fields and related titles takes effect on 1 June 2018.

Page reviewed 24/05/2018