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Are you a final year medical student?

03 Sep 2019

Do you need to sit an English language test?

You probably know that before you can register as a medical practitioner in Australia, you need to demonstrate that you are proficient in English. But did you know that you might still need to sit an English language test – even if you’ve studied medicine in Australia?  

To save yourself from any surprises at graduation, it’s important that you check the English language skills registration standard  to ensure you are eligible for registration. One way to prove proficiency is to show that you have completed at least two years of secondary school taught and assessed solely in English in a recognised country.

The English language skills registration standard sets the minimum requirements for a practitioner to make sure they can communicate effectively and provide safe care to the Australian community.

Clear, effective communication is critical in the doctor-patient relationship. As a doctor, you will need to be able to listen to patients and respond to their concerns and preferences. You also need to be able to discuss all aspects of their clinical management with them so that they can make informed decisions.

For more information about English language skills requirement for medical practitioners, please read the supporting FAQ




Page reviewed 3/09/2019