Australian Medical Council certificate holders

Australian Medical Council (AMC) certificate holders are eligible to apply for provisional registration so they can undertake 12 months of approved supervised practice, in order to meet the requirements for general registration.

Alternatively, they can undertake some or all of the supervised practice while holding limited registration for postgraduate training or supervised practice.

The AMC certificate is awarded to international medical graduates who have successfully completed all components of the AMC examinations or the AMC CAT MCQ and workplace based assessment (standard pathway).

The Board’s registration standard Granting general registration to medical practitioners who hold an Australian Medical Council certificate defines the requirements that AMC certificate holders must meet to be eligible for general registration.

AMC certificate holders must complete 12 months of supervised training made up of clinical experiences in:

  • medicine for at least 10 weeks 
  • surgery for at least 10 weeks 
  • emergency medical care for at least eight weeks, and 
  • a range of other positions to make up 12 months (minimum of 47 weeks full time equivalent service).


Application for provisional registration for Australian Medical Council certificate holders is available on the Forms page.

Help on how to prepare documents in support of your application:

Page reviewed 17/04/2018