Medical Board of Australia - Specialist pathway - area of need process
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Specialist pathway - area of need process

You have been issued a primary medical qualification by a training institution listed on both the AMC and WDOMS websites

You have completed and satisfied all training and examination requirements to practise in your field of specialty in your country of training

Complete Australian Medical Council (AMC) primary source verification form and submit to AMC

AMC verifies medical qualifications through ECFMG EPIC or ECIS

AMC receives EICS or EPIC number from ECFMG and uploads on the secure portal for use by the Medical Board of Australia (MBA) and the specialist medical college

Complete specialist pathway application form for area of need (available from the specialist medical college) and submit with the supporting documentation to the relevant specialist medical college

Specialist medical college assesses your application against a specific position description for a job in a confirmed area of need

Specialist medical college sends Area of need - assessment outcome to you and report is uploaded on the secure portal for use by the MBA

Apply to MBA for limited (area of need) or provisional registration (subject to satisfactory assessment by specialist medical college)

Download a PDF of the Specialist pathway (area of need) process (193 KB,PDF) 

Page reviewed 4/01/2017