Australian and New Zealand medical school graduates must apply for provisional registration in order to undertake a period of approved intern training to become eligible for general registration.

Interns are only permitted to work in accredited intern positions. They are not permitted to undertake any clinical work outside their allocated intern position.

Interns must complete the following clinical experiences in order to be eligible for general registration:

  • a term of at least eight weeks that provides experience in emergency medical care
  • a term of at least 10 weeks that provides experience in medicine
  • a term of at least 10 weeks that provides experience in surgery, and
  • a range of other approved terms to make up 12 months (minimum of 47 weeks full-time equivalent service).

All terms must be accredited against approved accreditation standards by an authority approved by the Board. These authorities are commonly known as postgraduate medical councils.

Further details on these requirements are in the registration standard Granting general registration as a medical practitioner to Australian and New Zealand medical graduates on completion of intern training (83.1 KB,PDF).

After successful completion of intern training, provisional registrants can apply for general registration.

Applying for provisional registration

Help on how to prepare documents in support of your application:

Applying for general registration

If you are a provisional registrant who is nearing completion of your internship, you should apply for general registration early and online to ensure a timely application process. You can also apply with a paper application form.

A suite of intern training documents detail the requirements of intern training including resources and tools for interns and providers of intern training.

Page reviewed 5/05/2015