FAQ and Fact Sheets

The Board publishes FAQ and fact sheets on a range of issues to help the public and medical practitioners understand the Board’s role and requirements.


Document name PDF Accessible format Document date
FAQ: English language skills registration standard Web page 30 June 2015
FAQ: General registration continuing professional development Web page 13 January 2017
FAQ: Specialist registration continuing professional development Web page 13 January 2017
FAQ: Continuing professional development for international medical graduates   Web page 1 October 2016
FAQ: Recency of practice (for registration standard effective 1 October 2016) Web page 24 August 2016
FAQ: Registration standard for limited registration for area of need   Webpage  24 February 2017
Renewal FAQ for medical practitioners PDF (354KB) Web page July 2016
Renewal FAQ for employers PDF (269KB) Web page March 2014
FAQ: Non-practising registration PDF (297KB) Web page 29 July 2013
FAQ: Changes to the Competent Authority Pathway PDF (79.8KB) Word version
13 November 2017
FAQ: Eligibility and applications for provisional registration via the Competent Authority Pathway PDF (89.1KB) Word version
13 November 2017
FAQ: Changes to the Specialist Pathway PDF (64.6KB) Word version
30 June 2014
FAQ: Specialist Pathway PDF (87.3KB) Word version
(663 KB,DOCX)
1 October 2015
FAQ: International Medical Graduates supervision   Web page 2 December 2015
FAQ: Guidelines for registered medical practitioners who perform cosmetic medical and surgical procedures   Web page 9 May 2016 
FAQ: Recognition of medical specialties PDF 
Web page  13 September 2018 
FAQ: Implementation of common codes and guidelines in March 2014 Word version 
March 2014
FAQ: Advertising guidelines Web page 22 November 2017

Further information about advertising

The Board and AHPRA have developed additional information to help practitioners and others understand their obligations when advertising a regulated health service. This information does not replace the Board’s Guidelines for advertising regulated health services.

Fact sheets

Registration matters

Document name PDF Accessble format Document date
Statement - Medical registration - What does it mean? Who should be registered? PDF (1018KB)   14 March 2012
Statement - Eligibility for specialist registration PDF (209KB)   13 April 2012
Guidance: Evidence of supervised practice to support applications for general registration from Australian Medical Council certificate holders  

PDF (101KB) 

Word version
(82.3 KB,DOCX)
15 February 2018 
Fact sheet - General registration (teaching and/or assessing) PDF (245KB)   22 July 2011
Information sheet - General practice and/or primary care experience assessment PDF (73.3KB) Word version (72.6KB,DOCX)  14 May 2018 
Fact sheet: Limited Registration – How international medical graduates can demonstrate satisfactory progress towards gaining general or specialist registration PDF (361KB) Word version
1 July 2016
Guidance on clinical observerships PDF (220KB) Word version
4 December 2013
Fact sheet - Australian and New Zealand medical graduates completing internships in New Zealand - November 2014

This fact sheet supports the Board's registration standard for Granting general registration as a medical practitioner to Australian and New Zealand medical graduates on completion of intern training.
PDF (243KB) Word version
7 November 2014

Re-entry to practice

Document name PDF Accessible format Document date
Fact sheet - Information on returning to practice

For more information, read the news item.
PDF (314KB) Word version 
2 February 2016
Template - Plan for professional development and re-entry to practice   Word version 
(126 KB,DOC)
2 February 2016

Other fact sheets

Document name PDF Accessible format Document date
Fact sheet - Acupuncture PDF (285KB) Word version
1 May 2014
Information sheet - Inter-jurisdictional technology based patient consultations PDF (194KB) Web page 15 August 2013
Information sheet - Doctor of osteopathic medicine (USA)  PDF (199KB) Word version
(84.5 KB,DOC)
18 January 2017
Joint statement on compounded medicines - Pharmacy Board of Australia and Medical Board of Australia PDF (77.5 KB)  Word version
(695 KB,DOCX)
24 November 2017
Advertising resources   Web page 20 December 2016

FAQ on transition to new codes and guidelines - March 2014

Document  Description  File  Document date 
FAQ on advertising guidelines FAQ on the Advertising guidelines that came into effect on 17 March 2014. Word version 
(120 KB,DOCX) 
20 May 2014
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